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General App Info


A. Main (Simulation) Screen
The image is a simulation of what the currently selected species see.

The button in the top right corner allow you to switch between the front and the back cameras.

The bottom menu bar has five buttons (from the left):
  1. The question mark leads to this screen.
  2. The star turns the favorite setting for the current species on/off.
  3. The species label displays the current species and takes you to the species listing screen (B).
  4. The i leads to information about the current species (C).
  5. The camera takes a photograph of what you see and gives you saving and sharing options (D).
Species that are marked as favorites are represented as a circle above the menu bar. To select another favorite, swipe to the left or right to move between the favorites or click on a circle to select that favorite directly.

Swipe up and down to show or hide the menu bar and the favorites bar.

B. Species Listing Screen
Click on a species name to select the species and go back to the main screen.

The star turns the favorite setting for the species on/off. Favorites are easily accessed on the main screen in circle buttons and can be switched between using a finger swipe.

The circle in front of the species name shows how the species sees a color circle.

The color behind each species name shows how that species sees the currently selected reference color. Change the reference color by clicking on the color circle in the bottom right corner.

C. Species Information Screen
The (non-red) background color demonstrates how the particular species perceives the color red. Touch the animal portrait and color circle to toggle between human and the species vision.

D. Image Sharing Options
You can save an image to the photo album, and to Flickr and Facebook if you are a member of those sites, or send it as an email. If you are using an iPhone 5, the image that you save/send will be "thicker" than what you see on the screen because the screen on the iPhone 5 has a different aspect ratio than the images it takes.


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